Attention All Pros! It's Back To School For You, Too

Attention All Pros! It's Back To School For You, Too

It’s back to school once again, but it’s not just for the kids. It's astounding how fast information travels these days—just look at the various social media platforms. If you’re a professional in the hair industry, it’s hard to weed out real innovation from the rubbish. Every now and then, it’s always a good idea for further education, or even a refresher course, to keep up with the game. But it’s even a better idea to get knowledge from fellow professionals or salon owners who have years of experience. After all, education is the foundation of healthy hair care!

Recently at the Natural Hair Show in Philadelphia, our senior stylist, Jasmine, gave an hour-long talk about natural hair care among fellow professional stylists. She imparted knowledge she learned through years of training under hair rules founder Dickey, and her own experiences cutting and styling natural hair. The response was incredible. The fact that there were so many questions mean there’s so much that still needs to be understood. Curly hair truly is the most neglected texture in the mainstream hair industry. An hour simply wasn’t enough to cover every topic. hair rules believes in wisdom-sharing, so we’ve come up with the Hair Rules Pro Education Program.

Jasmine talks and demonstrates to fellow professionals at the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show.

Besides Jasmine, we have the whole hair rules team behind any student who wants to hone their consultation skills, learn more about color and styling methods on ALL texture types. Depending on your schedule, we have courses that can be as extensive as four whole days, two days, or if you’re from out of town, a training blitz for a New York minute. Prices vary from $1600, $950 and $500. 

The curriculum, carefully created by Dickey, covers a wide range that includes, besides the aforementioned, jargons or industry terminology, hair rules product training, and ting (oil) treatments. We’ll be talking more about our educational program in the next posts, and you’ll also get to know our team. If you’re interested to take a class, shoot us an e-mail at Meanwhile, here’s a quick rundown of our classes and prices:


Career Reboot

7-day hands-on workshop designed to give your skills a boost, including a greater understanding of all hair textures and exploring natural styling options.

In-depth color training.

In-salon introduction and training on Mac-based Salon Transcripts (STX) booking and salon management software. 

Retail certification for hair rules  product line.

4 Point Master Certification, $1600 

Hands-on and in-depth training in all areas of color, texture enhancement, hair care and styling methods from Tuesday to Friday.

Retail certification for hair rules product line.

3 Point Consultant Certification, $950 

A condensed version of our training course any two days between Tuesday and Thursday.

2 Point Texture Certification, $500 

A day-long training blitz for the busy student.



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