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Jackie's Color Inspirations: Fall-Winter 2018

Early sunsets, light coats, and pumpkin spice. It’s fall and you know it. And as always, we feel a natural desire to change—if not ourselves, our looks—just like the seasons. This year, hair rules Color Director Jackie Challenger gives us 4 color inspirations to transition into the cold seasons.


1. Did you get highlights for summer?

Instead of redoing them, go for rich, warm chocolate browns as on her client Jasmine Cephas Jones. It’s always a major look for fall. 


2. If you’re on the light side and wish to stay that way...

a cool ash blonde or silvery base with fun highlights or chunks of vibrant colors will spice up your look. Think Tessa Thompson’s character in Sorry To Bother You. 


3. Dark blue tones are having a moment this year

Any shade from smokey blue-greys to dark denim! They seem to be a departure from the usual fall colors, so if you’re looking to rock the status quo, this look is for you. Imagine this color against the snow... 


4. Crystals and gem stones...

... are also a source of great inspiration right now. Jackie recently gave her client a stunning amethyst color. At hair rules we use Pravana and they have this color on their Vivids line. It’s on high demand and always out of stock, so make sure to call ahead of time if you’re looking to get this.

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