Meet hair rules' new junior colorist: Leanna Mejia

Meet hair rules' new junior colorist: Leanna Mejia

After growing up in a family in the medical field, Leanna went in the opposite direction and fell in love with the arts. From her Bronx home she went to a high school in the East Village, and the neighborhood’s vibe of punks and artists sparked her to dye her hair for the first time. 

She practiced color on her friends and family, and right after college she decided to take it a step further. She attended Arrojo Cosmetology School and within a year obtained her NYS Cosmetology license.

As someone recently embracing her natural curls, after years of chemically straightening her hair, she found a home at hair rules where she learned that color can be done on natural curls without damage. Throughout her training and color education from the best in the field, she witnessed life-changing makeovers that motivates her to be the best colorist she can be. 

If you've been thinking of getting a change, come visit hair rules and have a consultation with Leanna. Explore your options and she'll help you find your colors.

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