Meet The Team: Taunglea Ambroise

Meet The Team: Taunglea Ambroise

Get to know our team member whose passion is hair education regardless of texture.

To most of you she’s a familiar face at hair rules parties and functions. On a regular day she usually dashes in and out of the salon. Sometimes she’s there in the staff room, holding meetings and conference calls, and then she’s gone. She doesn't work on the floor so we don’t see her very often and yet she’s a very integral part of the hair rules operation. Anyone who has questions about products and how to retail them, and anywhere there is a need for the hair rules line from Chicago to Morocoo, she takes care of it and then some. Meet Taunglea Ambroise! 

What is your official role at hair rules?

Officially, I do anything that needs to be done. LOL. But I am tasked with sales and business development.

How long have you been involved with hair rules and how did you come across it?

I came as a favor to a former CEO that I used to worked with in the past. She brought me in as a part time sales consultant. After she moved on to another opportunity, I stayed because I fell in love with the brand and the founder. They are both not hard to love!

Taunglea commentates demo haircuts for Dickey and Jasmine at the Short Hair Don't Care runway show.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part is seeing the impact of educating people on the maintenance of healthy hair regardless of texture. I love hearing stories of our clients’ journeys. They are fascinating! We’re all tied to our hair and yet so many of us have no idea how to properly care for it.

Taungulea facilitating questions from participants at a forum held at hair rules in New York City.


What is your natural hair philosophy?

It’s simple: healthy hair comes first. Don’t we all love to change hairstyles? I do everything and often—braids, weaves, natural curls, protective styles, blow outs—name it. But I will not do anything that will compromise the health of my hair. I wash, co-wash, condition, and moisturize twice a week. And please don’t forget to get a trim every 3 months.

What is your favorite among these styles?

I like anything that makes me fabulous and fierce!

What advice can you give to those struggling with their texture?

All textures are beautiful and manageable when cared for properly. Have a consultation with a professional whose foremost philosophy is healthy hair. There is a lot of information out there about natural hair care, but let the professional  help you understand what is best for your specific texture. You will never get a proper consultation on YouTube. Make an appointment at a salon.

What is one hair rule you would never break?

I love this question! Get a trim every three months. I would never break this rule. Your hair can’t grow and its health is stunted when the dead ends are not trimmed.


For more of Taunglea, follow her on Instagram @tsambroise.


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