The Curl Revolution: Naturally Curly's Book Hits The Stores

The Curl Revolution: Naturally Curly's Book Hits The Stores

It has been a little over a year since NaturallyCurly's Michelle Breyer and her team visited hair rules to seek Dickey's contribution to their project, a book called The Curl Revolution. It's actually been 19 years in the making, and The Curl Revolution finally hits the shelves this month! hair rules is definitely proud to be part of it.

On this post we'll give you a preview of model Iyore, who was transitioning from years of hair extensions to a full embrace of her natural curls. Take note that these photos are simply an overview of the transition; in the book you'll get the full step by step process. Should you be in the same situation as Iyore was, we strongly suggest getting the book. The Curl Revolution is not just full of wisdom and inspiration, but of great practical advice. 

Iyore came by with her extensions, and after a consultation with Dickey, they were taken down. 

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 Iyore was clearly excited at the prospect of embracing her true self that once she was getting the haircut she couldn't stop expressing her delight.


Most of Iyore's curl pattern remained intact save for a few strands in front, which was to be expected after wearing extensions for so long. In time and with proper care, they will regain the natural curl pattern. Dickey gave her invaluable styling tips—the hair rules curly style that she can definitely do on her own.



And here she is—Iyore couldn't stop smiling!

The Curl Revolution by Michelle Breyer of the NaturallyCurly Community is now available to order at





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