Transformation Tuesday: Angela

Transformation Tuesday: Angela

A busy nurse hides her perfectly healthy and beautiful hair in a wig

Suzette, one of our stylists at hair rules, had a friend named Angela whom she invited to come and model for us. Suzette knew Angela had gorgeous hair, so it was such a surprise that when Angela came to see us, she had her hair under a wig. But Angela was ready for a change, and she trusted us to work our magic. 

True enough, she had thick, beautiful and perfectly healthy hair. Her reason for wearing a wig is common to a lot of women who come to us for help—Angela didn’t know how to take care of her natural curls. We were only too happy to lend her a helping hand and give her a tutorial on the basics of a curly style.

Led by Jasmine, our senior stylist, and with the rest of our team, we showed her tricks she can do on her own. Angela works as a nurse so her hours are brutal, but she need not hide her hair. We told her a curly style done well can last several days. And although it’s not something one would want to preserve, like for example, a protective style, it can last a while. On the other hand, a curly style can also be done as often as daily if she wanted to. 

Jasmine presented her on stage at the Natural Hair Show in Philadelphia and the audience gasped when they learned Angela had all that hair in a wig. Angela’s hair was simply wonderful, and it inspired a lot of women to come forward and learn about proper hair care. It can be done: a woman with a regular job can wear her hair in gorgeous, natural fashion!

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