Transformation Tuesday: Jess From Les

Jess was one of our models for the Short Hair Don’t Care Runway Show way back in January where our senior stylist, Jasmine, gave her a cut and a curly style in front of a great crowd. She had wanted to transition to natural, and we happily obliged. We ran into her on the street last week, and though it’s been a while, Jess was extremely proud to report that she has been following the regimen she learned from us that day.

Indeed, we’ve been following her on Instagram, and she lives a very active and busy life, like running marathons and marching for women’s rights! Who says you can't be active AND natural? On top of all these, she is a mom, but she manages to keep her hair natural and healthy. Cheers to all your great work, Jess, and keep it up!

Here are a few of her Instagram posts (@jess_from_les). Give her a follow!