Transformation Tuesday: Onjaya

Transformation Tuesday: Onjaya


hair rules participated at the Natural Hair Show in Philadelphia not too long ago, and it was such a pleasure not only to meet hair rules fans in the area, but also to reach out and spread the importance of natural hair care. Education is the foundation of healthy hair!

A handful of women reached out and were willing to model for us at the show. One of them was Onjaya, a lovely young woman who wanted a cut (and she needed one) but didn’t want to go too short. Her hair was also on the dry side as most curls tend to be, but overall healthy. She was also at a loss styling-wise. 

Lucky for her, Jasmine, our resident expert who trained for years under Dickey, was there to lend a helping hand. She gave her a teeny-tiny trim, and afterwards the trademark hair rules Curly Style. 

We presented her in front of an audience and she was a hit! Everybody wanted to touch her hair. They couldn’t believe that how defined her curls were and yet was still luxuriously soft. As for Onjaya, her smile in these photos say everything how she felt!

Here are the products we used for Onjaya's Curly Style:

1. Cleansing Cream

2. Quench

3. Curly Whip

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