mindset & perceptions of beauty


our beloved community to rediscover their innate beauty


licensed hairstylist to rediscover a practice that can be a customized texture-specific approach to address the distinctive needs of a multi-textral world

As a trailblazer in his field, Dickey created hair rules to change the way we think about race. In the current global beauty culture we can see that the categorization of hair as white hair or black hair is false. The HR Foundation goal is to undo years of despair and pain by redefining standards in beauty that celebrate our unique differences.

The HR Foundation is a manifestation of Dickey’s deep-seated commitment to empower women to realize the uniqueness of their own hair without feeling the pressures to conforming and to enhance the archaic curriculum of cosmetology to be inclusive of all textures.

In 2015 the HR Foundation will offer HR Fellowships for aspiring stylist. Each year the fellowship will be chosen from a pool of applicants from all over the country. The foundation will cover the cost of travel, housing, and tuition at a top New York City cosmetology school. The foundation will supplement their training with an advanced more nuanced hands on education at the flagship hair rules salon in NYC.

An annual celebration will mark the completion of training for the fellows and will serve as a fundraiser for the fellowships to be offered in the upcoming year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Hair Rules Foundation, please email us at If you are interested in applying for a Hair Rules Fellowship, please email us at