Rules to Live By

  • Forget everything you believed you knew about your hair! The "One Size Fits All" standard of beauty no longer exists.

  • Those old "Rules" you've been following when it comes to your hair, yeah, those aren't needed either. Our goals here at hair rules are to help you undo years of despair.

  • We want you to completely re-imagine your hair routine from the perspective of your texture, not someone's standard of perfection for you. Your hair your choice your rules is our motto.

  • The authentic value of our texture spectrum is that it simply helps you to determine which regiment works best for your texture. a more customized texture specific approach.

  • With that in mind, certain terms like co-washing, sulfate-free and protective styling might need a bit more enlightenment so that you know precisely which products will work best for your hair.

Read on for more details.

Glossary —

CO-WASH | Verb

  1. Washing with water to clean and reconditioning with Quench Conditioner In addition too your once a week primary shampoo hair rules cleansing Cream) not in place of. 
Co-wash is not a noun. Co-wash is a verb  (co-wash is not a product)
To wash-n-go I must co-wash.
Co-wash is something you do not something you buy. Clarifies scalp (skin) and hair, prevents dryness, tangles, breakage. Recommended for all naturally dryer 3-4 kinky curly textures.

WASH-N-GO| Verb/Adjective

  1. A styling method that can be done frequently to promote healthy hair and healthy living.
    • As often as you shower is as often as you can repeat. 
    • Wash-n-go style immediately following co-wash; apply kinky curling cream, curly whip  or wavy mousse. Recommended for kinky to curly textures to prevent dryness and promote softness and tangle free strands 


  • Weaves, wigs and braids should be worn no longer than 3-4 weeks max. 
  • To avoid hair loss and adverse scalp (skin) problems for 4 type textures use a liberal amount (golf ball size) of nourishment leave-in moisturizer on clean conditioned hair. And gently blow-dry with comb attachment, forcing in moisture into  stretched out strands and proceed with desired styling.

*Type 4 textures must avoid protective styles on wet hair.*

HEAT DAMAGE (heat damaged)


**Permanently changing and losing natural texture from excessive heat on textures that have been dried out and/or cared for improperly**

Moisture from frequent wash-n-go styling prevents heat damage .

SULFATE (sulfate free)

  1. The term “sulfate free” means free of harsh detergents by definition.
  2. Sulfate is a foaming agent that existed in most, if not all traditional shampoos that foam or bubble.
    • This harsh detergent is the same ingredient in dish washing liquid! 
    • Sulfate free applies to sudsing bubbles shampoo, which happen to be great for straighter, naturally oily or flat textures that need volume. 


  1. Parabens are most widely used in cosmetic and personal care products as a preservative to extend the shelf life of a product to prevent growth of bacteria. 
    • A 2004 study by Dr. Philippa Darbre published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology found parabens in breast tumors. However, the FDA states in its official post on parabens "the study did not show that parabens cause cancer.”


  1. Phthalates are most commonly found in synthetic fragrance, plastic shower curtains, children back packs, personal carem etc, phthalates have been known to cause infertility, birth defects and decrease sperm count. 




For: Curly to Kinky 

Co-washing is recommended for all naturally dryer curly to kinky textures, 3-4 on the hair rules texture spectrum. 

How to: Co-washing is the process of washing (rinsing) your hair with water to clean and then condition with a rich conditioner, like quench ultra rich conditioner. Co-wash between your weekly primary shampoo. Co-washing clarifies scalp (skin) and hair, while preventing dryness, tangles, and breakage. 

Co-washing simply allows you to clarify your hair and re-condition as often as you like, while preventing the damage that comes from frequent shampooing.


For: Curly to Kinky

Wash-and-go is a celebration of your natural texture. Recommended for curly to kinky textures to prevent dryness and promote softness and tangle free strands. Maximize your ability to achieve the natural style you are looking for. 

How to: For wash-n-go styling, start by co-washing your hair. Then style by applying kinky curling cream, curly whip, wavy mousse, or cocktail with the product combo that is right for your texture. You can air dry, diffuse, sit under your portable hood dryer or any drying technique that dries your hair without disturbing your natural texture.

Enjoy the convenience of wash-n-go styling as often as you shower to promote healthy hair and healthy living. 

Protective Styling 

Protective styling is wearing any style that allows you to not have to wet your hair.  We recommend that you limit the amount of time you were a protective style: 3-4 weeks. That is as much time as your scalp can sustain that amount of stress on the follicles or neglect of the scalp without damage. Protective styling is the practice of preventing hair loss, adverse scalp (skin) problems, and hair damage while allowing new hair growth to be strong and healthy. 

Examples of protective styling are: 
Blow out, Braids, Twist out, Weaves and wigs

The key is to amp up moisture and avoid excessive stress on hair follicles.

Adding Moisture - 

  1. Co-Wash or shampoo with no suds cleansing cream followed by quench ultra rich conditioner.
  2. Apply a liberal amount (golf ball size) of nourishment leave-in moisturizer 
  3. For kinky hair (4 on the hair rules texture spectrum) massage a moderate amount of your favorite oils, like coconut and jojoba, into your hair.  
  4. Gently blow-dry hair with the comb attachment. This helps penetrate conditioner into stretched out strands. For best results, to protect from heat damage and friz, try blow it all out.
  5. Now your hair is primed for safe styling. Proceed with desired styling. Depending on your hair texture, try lift boosting spray for straight hair, wavy mousse for wavy hair, curly whip for curly hair or kinky curling cream for kinky hair. 
  6. Your results will be with more softness, definition and manageability which will prevent shedding dryness and breakage. 

Minimize stress from hair additions - Weaves, wigs and braids should be worn no longer than 3-4 weeks max.



Dry hair

Yes, your hair may be dry because there’s not enough moisture in it. The most important thing is to figure out the core reasons as to what may be causing it. Here are some of the leading reasons for Dry hair:

1. Using a shampoo that’s not right for your hair texture.

no suds cleansing cream is specially formulated for hair textures that are on the drier side. It was created to treat your hair with the same philosophy as skin care. Conventional shampoos may break down the hair shaft, causing the hair to become dull, sallow, coarse, wiry and frizzy, but our no cleansing cream does the exact opposite, keeping the natural oils where they belong to protect your hair’s delicate moisture.

2. Not enough co-washing. 

Co-washing is something you do in between your weekly primary shampoo. Co-washing means to wash with water to clean and then reconditioning, with quench ultra rich conditioner

quench ultra rich conditioner is your co-wash, your deep treatment and your moisture pack. If you have a naturally dryer kinky or curly texture and you love a good wash n go remember co-washing is just the trick to prevent dryness. You can avoid fragility in strands and regain shine, luster and elongation thru frequent co-washing by rinsing till clean and bathing your naturally dry hair in quench ultra rich conditioner.

Once a week, shampoo hair with no suds cleansing cream to preserve natural oils and then replenish moisture with quench ultra rich conditioner. 

Coarse hair

Coarse hair tends to be naturally dry. It’s imperative to keep as much moisture in it as possible. Begin the process by using no suds cleansing cream. Traditional shampoos contain sulfates that can deplete the hair and scalp of much-needed moisture. No suds cleansing cream is a gentle, non-sudsing cleanser. It’s a great way to effectively cleanse, condition, and detangle your hair in one easy step. It also prevents color treated hair from fading and losing vibrancy. Be sure to add in even more moisture before styling by using nourishment leave-in moisturizer.

Oily hair

aloe grapefruit purifying shampoo gently removes product buildup from the hair without stripping the scalp of natural oils, restoring movement and shine so you get the deep down clean you desire minus the excess oil buildup. If you hair seems to get greasy between shampooings, try lift boosting spray to absorb excess oil and an rejuvenate your lightness. 

Flat hair 

Foaming bubble shampoos happen to be great for textures that are naturally flat and need volume. Sulfate-free aloe grapefruit purifying shampoo clarifies and removes product buildup and environmental residue from scalp and hair, restoring volume and movement. 

For added volume, flip head over and use your hands when blow drying your hair.  Remove 90% of water before pulling too much with a round brush. Skipping this step will actually flatten the strands, the opposite effect your looking for. Avoid using conditioner at the roots.

Whether you have naturally flat strands and you need a boost of volume or you want to refresh your sacred blowout, try lift boosting spray. This is the only product that should be touching your roots.

The cherry on top is the right hairspray. Regardless what your texture is, and whether you want to wear hair curly or straight, if the volume is what you need volumizing hair spray allows you to fluff up and brush threw with out that sticky hard feeling you usually get from conventional hairspray.

Dull Hair 

Dull hair can be caused by lots of things. It can easily lead to dryness, and can happen to all hair types. Here are some easy things you can do to help improve it:

  1. Nix those harsh sulfates (they strip strands of much-needed moisture). Reach for a hydrating, suds-free shampoo like the no suds cleansing cream.
  2. Wrap your hair nightly or sleep on a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can cause hair to look frizzy, and dry because the cotton absorbs your (much needed) natural moisture.
  3. Deep conditioning treatments are your best friend. You might be using conditioner on a regular basis, but that still might not be enough. Deep conditioning treatments not only help to detangle and protect from dryness, but they can also effectively seal in moisture and shine. You can easily turn your quench ultra rich conditioner into a deep conditioning treatment by applying it to freshly shampooed hair, covering it in a plastic cap and sitting under a portable hair dryer for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing. Quench ultra-rich conditioner was designed and formulated to do one thing, make your hair super soft. It is your deep conditioner, your moisture pack and your co-wash (see above) all in one.

Frizzy Hair 

Curly hair and frizz have a love-hate relationship. Unfortunately, frizz is a natural characteristic of curls. The good news is your frizzy strands can be controlled if understood. Whenever kinky curly or wavy styling be sure to apply kinky curling cream, curly whip or wavy mousse to wet hair (not towel dried) immediately after co-washing (see above). This ensures you get the best definition and less frizz.

Color-treated Hair 

No suds cleansing cream was developed and formulated to help prevent the color pigment from leaching out of hair. Our no suds cleansing cream retains the rich vibrancy in color-treated hair that normally leaves after your first wash. Whereas conventional shampoos on the market are not only leaching color pigment but also stripping natural oils that are essential for moisture and shine.

Keratin Treated Hair 

Throw away all those so-called “keratin safe” shampoos they are still in the conventional category. No suds cleansing cream was formulated with the highest quality ingredients not only to be without parabens and sulfates but free of sodium chloride which are salts and detergents that can eat away at your keratin-infused hair causing it to dry out and wear down the keratin, inducing frizz and dryness. 

Relaxed Hair 

Everyone can remember their first relaxer and how silky and shiny it was, and then after the first shampoo it was hard to dry and fragile, not the silky shiny hair you paid for. Don’t fret, no suds cleansing cream keeps hair looking brand new and shiny like your first relaxer. Use blow it all out during your blow dry routine to protect from heat damage. Keeps your hair soft and shiny like no chemical was ever used, building and strengthening strands.

Heat Damaged Hair

You may have experienced heat damaged hair where excessive blow drying, curling or flat ironing has compromised your natural texture, especially if your texture has been dried out. To repair heat damage, try co-washing (see above) with quench ultra rich conditioner. During your weekly shampoo protect natural oils with no suds cleansing cream followed by quench ultra rich conditioner. Avoid additional heat damage with wash-n-go styling (see above). 


  1. When doing a protective style on tighter dryer 4-texture hair add a golf size amount of the nourishment leave-in to clean conditioned hair.
  2. Add you favorite oils like coconut and jojoba 
  3. Blow-dry the product into the hair with the comb attachment. This helps penetrate conditioner into stretched out strands.
  4. Now the hair is primed for safe styling with more softness, Definition and manageability this will prevent shedding dryness and breakage. You can now move forward with the protective style of your choice.