We Believe

ll hair should be free to follow its natural course and character without suffering from cruel or unusual hair treatments. Hair should be free to grow short or long, kinky or straight, or to be blonde, black, red or purple. When a beauty company, stylist or trend authority of any type promotes the idea that these truths are not self-evident, we should declare our right to be free from ancient hair rituals, from distasteful stereotypes, damaging hair treatments, self-defeating beauty products, short-sighted cosmetology education and arbiters of conformity.

    • All hair is not created the same, but has the right to be treated as equal.
    • Stylists and salons should offer a full service experience void of discrimination based on ethnicity and/or hair texture.
    • Individuals have the right to wear their hair any way they choose without enduring damaging effects, but via healthy, responsible methods.
    • Stylists should offer a courteous, honest and educated consultation, ensuring that each individual's desires are understood before any service is performed.
    • Individuals should not allow media images or the prevailing "wisdom" of popular culture to define their standards of beauty.
    • Stylists should not approach their work with a one-size-fits-all mentality; every head of hair is individual and each style choice is a personal one that individuals have the right to make for themselves.
    • Individuals have the right to a punctual service, performed in a respectful, timely manner.
    • Stylists should offer their clients unlimited and truthful product and hair care knowledge which is non-segregated, but rather based upon texture-oriented styling and hair care solutions.
    • Individuals have the right to a clean, relaxing, pleasant atmosphere, free of intimidation and negativity.

    These rights have been created by the people, for the people. Hair rules is re-defining standards in hair care, styling, and services to address the universal needs of a multi-textural world. Built on a heritage of beauty, education and community, hair rules takes the healthiest approach to achievable beauty as a means towards cultivating choices for people relative to style and self-expression. We encourage everyone to continue expressing their desired hair rights and help us complete the official hair bill of rights.